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Are Telemedicine Platforms Created Equal?

When you compare video solutions for telemedicine, you can see there’s a real difference. If you’re serious about going down the telemedicine path, use Teledactyl eVisit. While other platforms offer excellent video conferencing services, they only solve one piece of the telemedicine puzzle. 

Why Partner With Us?

Our Difference

 Teledactyl eVisit believes in the radical acceptance of the need for telemedicine, which is a core component of the Teledactyl ecosystem. We give clinicians tools that are easy to setup and use to care for patients anywhere, especially rural and underserved areas. We also focus on the customer experience; we care about your patients, too.   


 Our plan costs $35/month, plus a one-time fee of $165. You will get a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA compliance, a personalized waiting room, reliable technology, free support and access to the Teledactyl ecosystem! Ask how to become a VIP. 

Design and User Experience

   Our platform allows patients to enter a clinician’s virtual waiting room, sign in and wait to be seen. At any time, a clinician can see how long a patient has been waiting, send the patient a message and start the video call when ready. We also notify the clinician via computer, email and/or mobile device when a patient enters so triage coordination can occur.

New Patient Referrals

  We know what it is like to expand practices without the "brick and mortar”. It requires you to learn more about technology and, without IT support, that can be overwhelming. We take the guess work out by becoming your trusted adviser. We also market your practice online and send free new patient referrals to keep you expanding! 


 Teledactyl eVisit is known for its ease of use and collaboration potential. We’re always working to improve our technology, using ourselves as the use case so as to not disrupt your experience. We want you on board, providing feedback, as we create the telemedicine platform of the future.