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Our Telemedicine Solution

Which Telemedicine Solution Should You Choose?

When you compare video solutions for telemedicine, you can see there’s a real difference. If you’re serious about going down the telemedicine path, use Teledactyl eVisit. While other platforms offer excellent video conferencing services, they only solve one piece of the telemedicine puzzle. 

Our solution, on the other hand, comes with unlimited 1-1 and group video + chat and personalized virtual waiting rooms. Teledactyl eVisit is focused on solving the needs of the healthcare space entirely. From a ready-to-scale telemedicine platform to being part of an entire healthcare ecosystem, we know that the current healthcare delivery process needs to change. 

In addition, by signing up on our platform, you automatically get marketed on our website! So when we receive an inquiry via phone or through other communications, you will get new patient referrals for free. Two virtual visits pay for your subscription!